SUZANNE Protein Shake Trio

SUZANNE Protein Shake Trio
Save money with this incredible bundle – youll get all 3 flavors of the delicious protein shake! SUZANNE Protein Shakes SUZANNE Protein Shakes are delicious and nutritious shakes for when you are on the go. These protein packed drinks are perfect for a quick meal or snack. With this bundle, youll get three full supplies! Chocolate Fudge, Banana Cream, and Orange Cream! The key ingredients is All-Natural SomerSweet, my answer to sugar, so you get a yummy, sweet taste without any refined sugars. And unlike some other nutrition drinks, SUZANNE Protein Shakes do not include any artificial flavors, colors, added preservatives or hydrogenated fats. One 16 ounce can contains 10 full servings and can be made into a creamy frozen shake or a shaken treat. Any combination of water, cream or milk may be used. See the hottest new products in makeup, skin care, fragrance and hair care, mens pr

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