SUZANNE Organics Wild Orange Vanilla Lip Balm

SUZANNE Organics Wild Orange Vanilla Lip Balm
Keep Your Lips Hydrated, Pouty, and Smooth with this Organic All-Natural Lip Balm Many of us are addicted to lip balms, applying them over and over to moisturize our dry lips – but the chemicals in most may actually be the cause of the dryness! Moisturizes with Exotic Jungle Butters and Rare Argan Oils. No Chemicals or Toxins on Your Sensitive Lips. This ToxicFree ® lip balm includes organics food grade ingredients to hydrate and keep your pouty lips plump and smooth. Exotic jungle butters moisturize, such as Shea butter from Africa, Capuacu and Tacuma from the Amazon, and rare Argan oil from Morocco. With the intoxicating essence of Wile Orange Vanilla apply under or over your lipstick for soft, kissable lips. This product uses no synthetic fragrances, no animal testing and no chemical emulsifiers. This product is ideal for those who want organic ingredients that help naturall

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