SUZANNE Organics Three-Piece Complete Haircare Set

SUZANNE Organics Three-Piece Complete Haircare Set
Organic All-Natural Haircare Leaves Your Hair Silky, Soft, and Healthy. Transform your hair naturally and enjoy renewed vitality and lots of body. This money-saving set is the perfect combination. Treat Your Hair and Tender Scalp to Luxurious Organic Haircare Free of All Chemicals, Sulfates, and Toxins! Nourishing Shampoo, 8 oz. Most conventional shampoos use harsh sulfates, detergents, and foam boosters to create luxurious feeling lather that actually strips hair of natural moisture and leaves it dry and lifeless. This nourishing non-toxic formula creates a mild lather with cocoa butter cleansers, that gently and thoroughly clean the hair. The high performance formula includes natures powerful nurturing ingredients, including quinoa to help strengthen the hair shaft, and leave it soft, smooth, and silky. Intoxicating scent of Wild Orange Vanilla. Completely Gluten-Free Hydrating Condit

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