SUZANNE Organics Summertime Starter Pack

SUZANNE Organics Summertime Starter Pack
Enjoy Your Beautiful Summer with these Organic, All-Natural Skin-Nurturing Skincare and Body Care Products Save on these essentials for a summer glow! This pack includes: SUZANNE Organics Honey Tinted SPF 30 Mineral Sunscreen (2 oz) Looking for a safe protection from the sun’s damaging UVA and UVB rays, without chemical sunscreens? SUZANNE Organics Honey Tinted Mineral Sunscreeen provides 98 percent filtration of UV rays. And unlike chemicals that penetrate the skin, UV radiation. With SPF 30, this lovely facial product provides high protection against sunburn for ageless, healthy skin. Ideal for all skin types. This product is tinted with SUZANNE Organics Medium Honey Sheer Flawless Foundation and blends with most medium skin tones. The color can be adjusted by blending with a lighter foundation, such as SUZANNE Organics Porcelain White Sheer Flawless Foundation . (For fair skin, this c

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