SUZANNE Organics Styling Gel

SUZANNE Organics Styling Gel
All Natural Organic Styling Gel Achieves Incredible, Long-Lasting Hold. Enjoy shiny, silky, healthy hair and incredible hold with this all natural, organic Styling Gel. Dont Subject Your Hair to Harsh Chemicals Which Damage the Hair – Use Organic Styling Gel and Avoid the Toxins. Most conventional styling gels coat the hair with harsh chemicals which damage hair with the addition of heat styling. Uses natures ingredients to provide soft control for shiny, manageable hair. Enhanced with the strengthening protein of quinoa. Contains xylitol from birch trees to help promote a healthy scalp. Helps you have a great hair day, every day. Completely Gluten-Free 8 oz. Harnesses the Ancient, Proven Benefits of Nutritious Quinoa Quinoa is an ancient grain that is completely free of GMO influence. Grown in the high mountain plateaus of Colorado, it was originally cultivated in the Andes of South A

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